100 percent black dating

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Don’t sweat the small, awkward moments; in fact, enjoy them! I love the Long Last Liquid Eye Liner: Black Tea - it’s so easy to do a thin, simple line or an elongated cat eye.

Lip Caramel in Scotch Kiss - the vibrancy of this lip shade is insanely gorgeous!

If you want to go dewy and fresh faced, our Luminous Primer is your date night BFF.

For an ultra matte finish, our silky Mattifying Primer has got your back. Our friend and beauty guru Sammie has given us 2 natural date makeup looks for fall, using only fruit dyed makeup! I love to have ample time to prepare before a date-night.

Using your Pretty Naked II makeup palette and vegan blush brush, dip into Afterglow: a rustic peach-pink blush that will add a soft glow to your complexion.

To get extra glowy, dip into Illume from the same palette: a pearly, dusty pink luminizing powder that can be applied to your upper cheekbones, bridge of nose, and cupid’s bow.

100% PURE: What's on your ideal first date itinerary? 100% PURE: At any given time, what skin care or makeup items can always be found in your purse?

For drier types, instill suppleness and plump skin to its best self with our mineral rich, hydrating seaweed toner.

After cleansing and before you lock in water with a mask or moisturizer, soak a cotton ball with a deeply hydrating, skin calming toner.

To purify oily or acne prone skin types, try our non-stripping and super soothing acne clarifying astringent.

We didn’t forget about you, dry skin: use our tried and true, ultra nourishing Argan Oil Creamy Cleanser to get dry skin soft, soothed, and supple before your extra special date. These sneaky skin disasters obviously have no consideration when it comes to timing, but we refuse to let them run the show!

Try using our Purity Facial Cleanser Mask as a spot treatment: the anti-inflammatory punch from refreshing tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils will calm red, puffy skin while antibacterial properties in parsley and burdock will clear out acne-causing gunk and grime.

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