Alaska dating reality show

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The majority of shows focus on difficult or interesting work, she says, from crab fishing to truck driving to mining to running a gun and ammo shop.Because the producers gravitate toward extreme personalities, reality show cast members have semi-regular run-ins with the law, which doesn’t endear them to the locals.“They are OK.” Alaska plot lines tend to fall into a couple of predictable categories, she says.There are the fish-out-of-water shows like TLC’s “Alaskan Women Looking for Love,” where single Alaska women travel to Miami, or TLC’s “Escaping Alaska,” where young people from rural villages move to San Diego.“You’re like, OK, it’s winter, then it’s summer, then it’s winter again,” she says.

Local reaction to all the attention on Alaska is mixed. Though reality TV crews are small, the shows contract with local businesses for lodging, food and transportation.But lots of Alaskans know the homestead is a short drive from the town of Homer, she says.“They can just drive to Safeway and get some fried chicken,” she says.In 2013, for example, Alaskans brought home only 15 percent of the wages paid, according to the state.And, watching many of the shows, for Alaskans, can be cringe-inducing.

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