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It was a unique system that used a doorkeeper to send a warning to the bar that it was in danger and the bar would transform into an ordinary place through a mechanism.The speakeasy spread all over New York with businesses such as the "Bath Club" and "O'Leary's on the Bowery".They started the business in Greenwich with a place called "The Redhead" and later moved onto the next operation "The Puncheon Club".The "21" Club was special because of its system to remain under the radar.

"The Bath Club" had musicians perform in their place to keep it unique.The poor quality bootleg liquor sold in some speakeasies was responsible for a shift away from 19th-century "classic" cocktails, that celebrated the raw taste of the liquor (such as the gin cocktail, made with Genever (sweet) gin), to new cocktails aimed at masking the taste of rough moonshine.These masking drinks were termed "pansies" at the time (although some, such as the Brandy Alexander, would now be termed "classic").Guinan greeted customers with "Hey Suckers" and admitted she'd be nothing without Prohibition.Her two biggest competitors were Helen Morgan and Belle Livingston.

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