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You would think traditional university educators would take notice. They don’t believe they should change and they won’t. Just as CEOs push for that one more penny per share in EPS, University Presidents care about nothing but getting their endowments and revenues up.

Beyond allowing some of their classes to be offered online, they haven’t. If it means saddling an entire generation with obscene amounts of school debt, they could care less.

That money was then spent on homes with the expectation that the price of the home would go up and it could easily be flipped or refinanced at a profit. As long as prices kept on going up, everyone was happy. And as long as pricing kept on going up real estate agents kept on selling homes and finding money for buyers. At some point potential students will realize that they can’t flip their student loans for a job in 4 years.

Which is exactly why they have no problems raising costs for tuition each and every year.

While colleges and universities are building new buildings for the english , social sciences and business schools, new high end, un-accredited , BRANDED schools are popping up that will offer better educations for far, far less and create better job opportunities. The competition from new forms of education is starting to appear. Online and physical classrooms are popping up everywhere. THey work with local businesses to tailor the education to corporate needs.

In areas of the country where basements are rare, there usually aren’t any technical barriers to building basements; and up north, where basements rule, it’s perfectly possible to build on a slab.

The opportunities for online interactive video classrooms is going to grow quickly and will be far more cost effective than traditional universities.

Leave the for profit online schools that create more employment for debt collectors than their students out of the equation and we still have an enormous bubble in Higher Education that is having a horrible impact not just on the economic life of their students, but on the economy as a whole as well The Higher Education Industry is very analogous to the Newspaper industry.

Slabs have several virtues: they are inexpensive and they keep all of a home’s living area above grade, away from dampness and mold.

Basements also have their virtues: they keep plumbing pipes from freezing, provide a good place to install a furnace and run ductwork, and provide a useful area for storage.

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