Consolidating loan private student

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How Federal Consolidation Loans Work Borrowers can combine multiple (at least two or more) federal loans into a single Direct Consolidation Loan (this is the only federal consolidation loan available).

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Federal consolidation loans can only be used for federal student loans, but private consolidation loans can be used for both federal private student loans.

The new interest rate would still be equal to the current interest rates in that situation, but it might save money in the future if the variable rates rise (the new fixed rate would stay the same).

The following table illustrates how a weighted average works.

If, however, you plan to pay it off sooner than the term of the loan and want a lower payment in the meantime, it might make sense to consolidate. If you are someone who is managing the repayment process without any real challenges and your loans are all held by one lender, private consolidation probably does not make sense. A new loan will likely be paid over 15-25 years and that means that the interest you'll pay will likely be more than if you had just managed the payments you have on existing loans. People with weak or poor credit, people with low income compared to the debt they hold, people who have had trouble paying Federal or private loans in the past.

Student loan debt is a grave concern in modern America.

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