Donna eden sedating triple warmer

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You are working with your own body to move energy into a more balanced and vital state.

For a more detailed explanation of what Energy Medicine is all about, please go to the website of Donna Eden, founder of Eden Energy Medicine at.

I feel so grounded once I have sedated Triple warmer and done the daily energy routine that I cannot imagine leaving out these exercises in my daily life from now on.

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This leads to your over all energy system having more energy resulting in greater physical and mental wellbeing.

These days, the simple act of someone cutting us of in traffic can activate that flight or fight response and therefore put Triple Warmer into over drive which then sucks the energy out of Spleen Meridian due the Yin/Yang connection.

This has a knock on affect to our feelings of over all wellbeing as the Spleen Meridian plays a huge role in our over all happiness and how our body and mind are able to metabolise substances and thoughts or feelings.

If the Spleen Meridian is weak, it can’t feed into the Heart Meridian and therefore give it energy, and if this becomes a chronic condition, heart attacks can result and is the reason according to Donna why a very high percentage of heart attacks occur between 9-11AM (during Spleen time), because the heart is not receiving the energy and flow it needs from Spleen.

I double checked the facts on this through a quick google search and found it to be congruent with western medical findings in terms of the most common time of day that people have a heart attack.

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