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According to the German law of obligation of identification, it is compulsory for everyone in Germany age 16 or older to possess either an identity card or a passport.

While police officers and some other officials have a right to demand to see one of these documents, the law does not stipulate that one is obliged to submit the document at that very moment.

To prevent counterfeiting, it contained watermarks, guillochés, microprinting, fluorescent dyes, and multi-colour fluorescent fibres.

In addition, the holder's name was laser engraved into the plastic film and the holder's picture was printed on the document, so it could not be removed and replaced by a different one (unlike the older ID cards, where the picture was just glued to the document).

The document number, the photo and the fingerprints can supposedly be read only by law enforcement agencies and some other authorities.

All ID card agencies have been supplied with reading devices that have been certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

All the information on it (except for colour of eyes) is given in German, English, and French.

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Specimen of the larger German identity card issued between 1 April 1987 and 31 October 2010, valid until 30 October 2020.

Some German names are always spelled with the "transcription" such as the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe or the Nazi politician Paul Joseph Goebbels; however, in the name of the former German football player Ulrich Hoeneß, the umlaut is transcribed, but the letter ß is not (the spelling in the machine-readable zone is HOENESS, the ß being transcribed here).

The chip stores the information given on the ID card (like name or date of birth), the holder's picture and, if the holder wishes so, also his/her fingerprints.

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