Intense fear of dating

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The truth is we do not know what is ahead on our life’s journey, and fear only exacerbates the reality and inevitability of suffering.

If we enter into the suffering with fear, we block God’s abundant grace that will lead us through the pain and into a place of resurrection.

It was the day before Thanksgiving, and my doctor couldn’t detect our baby’s heartbeat. I couldn’t breathe momentarily, even when my doctor kindly smiled and said, “We’ll order an ultrasound today to see what’s going on.” I’d never been through anything like this with my other pregnancies.

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Instead, it’s been rather chaotic with lots of unexpected surprises, twists, and turns, which adds to my frustration. Maybe Advent isn’t necessarily about setting unreasonable expectations for lofty moments of spiritual ecstasies.The joy surged through my prayers as I thanked God for such a blessing, such a miracle!Immediately following, however, was an impending sense of dread: something goes wrong?Maybe Advent is meant to be a period of expectancy and all the drama it entails, but above all the drama, trust in God’s greater plan for our lives.Even in the waiting, we are given an opportunity to allow God to be silent in us for a time, trusting that He will fulfill His promises.

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