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She was recently in a relationship with Luke, who is a smart college student, but they recently broke-up.Jenna has also been struggling to live a "normal life" ever since a misunderstanding which led people into thinking she had a "failed suicide attempt," and because of this she has been counseling with Valerie Marks, who gives Jenna terrible advice and considers Jenna her "best friend." After she dated Collin, her personality, wardrobe and attitude began to change, making her reckless, uncaring and more daring, and as a result she was alienated by her friends, but it's later revealed that Collin still had a sexual relationship with his ex-girlfriend.Matty says something mean about the photo and Jenna gets upset.The school's counselor, Valerie Marks talks with Sadie and Jenna about the picture, but Sadie manages to manipulate her way out of trouble, much to Jenna's protests.Collin told Jenna that their relationship wasn't exclusive, this made it clear that they are no longer together, but she managed to make everything right between her friends and family.Jenna is described as smart, compassionate, empathetic, caring and friendly.When she arrives back home and the day before school starts, Jenna receives a 'care-frontation letter', however she ignores it and takes goes into her bathroom where she takes some pills, but chokes on it which results in the medication-bottle falling it's contents onto the ground and Jenna slips on the floor, hurting herself and accidentally knocking her hair dryer into the bathtub full of water, which results in a power outage and ends with a misunderstanding in which everyone thinks was an attempted suicide, and she takes counselling with Valerie Marks, the guidance counsellor, who keeps Jenna on suicide watch, and she also starts to realize this mistake might actually be her ticket to social visibility, as she volunteers for Jake Rosati's prep rally as an attempt to get closer to Matty.There task involved in both pairs swapping each others clothes and the fastest wins, which Jenna and her partner wins because mean girl Sadie Saxton couldn't fit into Matty's clothes.

She has an on-and-off romantic relationship with Matty Mc Kibben, until she cheated on him with Collin Jennings.

Jenna is best friends with Tamara Kaplan and Ming Huang.

She shares an antagonistic relationship with Sadie Saxton, which has never evolved.

When Jenna finds out about this she tries to apologize to Sadie, who is convinced that Jenna picked the sex exchange game on purpose.

After the failed apolgy attempt, Jenna bumps into Matty, who smiles at her but walks away because the cheerleaders were watching and Jake, who overheard the conversation between the the two and tells her that she was brave to do the prep rally.

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