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Every Libyan chat group I'm in is talking about this - the horror, the shame, and the feeling of futility in undoing it in a country ruled by armed militias & competing power centers. Britain is continuing to support the Libyan coastguard despite accusations its members have killed refugees and attacked international rescue boats attempting to take them to safety, it has emerged.The passage between Libya and Italy has become the deadliest in the world, claiming the majority of more than 5,000 migrant lives lost in the Mediterranean Sea last year.But the real total may be far higher, as the number who drown inside Libyan waters or wash up on the country’s beaches is not routinely released.

Amnesty International also accuses the force of shooting, beating and torturing refugees who are caught trying to flee Libya and forced back to land, warning that EU nations supporting the operations risk fuelling “rampant ill-treatment” and violations of international law.A report by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights found that migrants were being imprisoned, robbed, raped and subjected to force labour after “dangerous, life-threatening interceptions” by the Libyan coastguard.Survivors said they had seen coastguards shoot, murder and torture other migrants, leading the UN to urge Britain and other countries conducting training to ensure its “human rights component is comprehensive”.French President Emmanuel Macron has also pledged his "massive support" to help get African migrants stranded and enslaved in Libya back to their home countries, according to QZ.EU high representative for foreign affairs Federica Mogherin said the slave markets are an "unbearable" reality.

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