Tips dating muslim woman dating a codependent

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If she's a secular muslim who lives in Lagos, then you'll just need to treat her the way you'd treat any girl you fancy.

My advice: make friends with her first, and then after 6 months propose a relationship if you're still interested.u av to start behaving like a muslim or convert if she is a core muslim.firstly u start by greeting in a muslim way(salam alaykum) wenever u want to greet her.i but if she is really a true and faithful muslim u wuld surely enjoy her cos shewuld be sincere with are your religious leanings?

These are individual characters that have nothing to do with religion.

Compare the Holy bible and the Holy Quaran, they contain similar stories and preach toward similar direction.

You will then have a direct relationship in God, the only One Who can save and forgive you and prevent you from burning in Hell fire.

Just out of curiousity, Jesus was even a virgin, what are you doing trying to have illegal sex and then taking it over the top to Muslim woman? If you have something against Christianity, this is not a forum to display your fanaticism and religious sentiment.

BUt the truth is if you are not muslim expect barriersif you are expect to ties loss knot in your faith.

if your religion gives the green light on inter-religious relationships, then you can try.

But you also have to find out if it is vice-versa on her side as well, otherwise you guys may love each other buy you may be fighting a lost battle Watch out bro they get one angry very easily but in other aspect they are the cleanest girl's you could ever imagine getting down with.

Bro just treat her with care , show her that you love her by buying her things and she will gel but watch it bro they are very weak when it comes to bed [email protected] Adexatom Please if you are not ready to be a muslim, don't manipulate the innocent girls hear.

I know people are advising you to entice her with gifts and all that but please leave her alone if you don't intend to change, with enough patience you will get someone with same religious beliefs as yours.

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