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The Gender Recognition Act 2004 came into force on 4 April 2005.

Transsexual people who reached 60 before this date, and who meet certain conditions, can claim equal treatment rights for social security purposes and could get backdated State Pension.

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Which include but not limited to:2 Years counseling2 Letters approving HRTRegular Blood Testing Required to live one year as desired Gender After about 3–5 years (recommended) of HRT review of progress before surgery is granted Post-op Possible need for continued counseling Hormones Dilation on a regular basis (ouch)Different self care pratices Yeah….

Superstar Eddie Murphy was stopped by cops after picking up a transsexual prostitute on a notorious West Hollywood strip early yesterday.

But his publicist, Paul Block, last night insisted Murphy simply was giving the weeping, weary-looking prostitute a ride home.

The cops, who had staked out in the “prostitution abatement zone,” noticed as Murphy slowed down and Seiuli — whom they recognized as a “known transsexual prostitute” — slid into the passenger seat, the spokesman said.

The undercover cops followed the two for about 2 miles.

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