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She appeared naked in still images on multiple occasions, with her breasts and posterior completely visible.

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On joining the group, Perry remarked, “A girlfriend of mine in college referred me to the man that was putting the group together.Lol @Lana WWE.” “The Ravishing Russian” responded, “Obviously. Ladies & Gentleman meet my fabulous stylist @cheriekilchrist.” As is common whenever a WWE Diva gains a following, fans will flock online to see if there are nude images floating around.This is the case with Lana as online searches for nude images of the blonde starlet have gradually increased.As you would imagine, Lana’s ass is a hit with wrestling fans.Searches for “Lana ass” is among the most searched for topics of “The Ravishing Russian” online, not to mention that there are accounts on Twitter which pay tribute to her beautiful booty. Following a WWE show in June, Lana’s stylist remarked to her on Twitter, “I love that your booty is a twitter topic!!

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