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Still, the free services reviewed below are handy for use as a backup service, if your primary provider experiences downtime.They also provide a convenient way for you to get online, if you're on the road. Besides free services, the site also takes a look at discount ISPs. This handy smartphone app (which is available in a free version) offers info on over 100 million free public Wi Fi hotspot locations around the world, along with password info and user comments.(About Roman Calendar and Aera Diokletiani - see E.Bickerman, Chronology of the Ancient World, London, 1969) Please, eliminate the mistake.What Sacrobosco claimed was that it was still a short month (of 30 days in his view) after the Julian reform and that it only got its modern length after the Augustan reform of 8 BC, which is also when Sextilis was renamed and when the correct frequency of Julian leap years was finally established.That's the claim which is refuted in the Julian calendar article.--Chris Bennett , 19 June 2006 (UTC) No, we are talking at cross-purposes.

The articles on the Julian and Gregorian calendars explain when and how those came to be used.For the pre-Julian calendar of 355 days it states (correctly) that Sextilis had 29 days.But in Egyptian usage shortening for "Aera of Diocletiani" (!--Chris Bennett , 21 June 2006 (UTC) "During the later empire, this system was used alongside the A.system (ANNO DIOCLETIANI) which used the year of accession of the Emperor Diocletian as the base year for counting purposes.

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